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Plan Revisions

We recognize that the Topgolf development represents an exciting development to Oxmoor Center and many people, including residents from the neighboring city of Hurstbourne, are paying close attention. Topgolf and Oxmoor Center are committed to their community and their neighbors and are already working on site and design changes to address concerns outlined by nearby residents.

The proposed Topgolf site is located at Oxmoor Center in Louisville at a regional shopping center that has been a great community partner and neighbor for decades. More than 90% of City of Hurstbourne homes are a 1/2 mile or further away from the proposed Topgolf site. The closest houses are more than 1/4 mile away, separated from Oxmoor Center by a four-lane road, several soccer fields, and a thick tree line—a distance amounting to several football fields in length.

After a March meeting with local residents, Topgolf and Oxmoor Center made several revisions to the planned development to address expressed neighborhood concerns. Since Topgolf places such a heavy focus on providing opportunities for communities to come together—we know it is important to get the design right.


View the building rendering and our finished site plan. See below for results from our much-anticipated impact studies. 

View our submitted files: 

Zoning Application  |  Variance Application  |  Conditional Use Permit Pre-Application

Impact Studies


The new scheme will result in a much-improved overall lighting environment. The revised system results in absolutely zero increased illumination at any residential area.

Key Changes:

  • Topgolf Lighting:  Adoption of specialty, downward-facing LED fixtures within the structure (no lighting on poles or top of facility) designed with tightly controlled lighting patterns resulting in virtually no light trespass beyond the field perimeter and NONE beyond the Oxmoor Center property.

  • Parking lot lighting: A reduction in pole height to conform with the Land Development Code (LDC) and a transition to 100-percent LED lighting installations at the development site, especially along the eastern edge of the Oxmoor Center property. This will decrease the highest lighting output by 60% due to height reduction (overall lower light levels across site).


The study was conducted in May 2018 by Louisville-based Pharis Engineering to analyze existing lighting versus the proposed lighting package for the Topgolf Oxmoor Center development on specific metrics including light trespass, glare control, and light pollution.


Study One-Pager  |  Complete Lighting Study  |  Lighting Impact Renderings  |  New Lighting


The residential locations closest to the proposed Topgolf will experience no appreciable change in the sound levels. Localized ambient sounds will continue to dominate the sound environments. A perceptible change—if any—would only occur on the western edge of the west lawn of Oxmoor Lodge—and only outside at certain times.

Hurstbourne Findings: The following sound measurements are the result of calculations used to determine sound drop-off over a certain distance and are compared to likely sound levels.

  • For Hurstbourne homes on the west side of Paddington drive (~1320 ft), any sound would drop within the range of typical suburban background noise—any change would be difficult to perceive.

  • For Hurstbourne homes on the east side of Paddington drive (~1500 ft), any sound will drop below the quietest existing ambient reading taken during the study.

  • More than 97 percent of homes in the city of Hurstbourne are a third of a mile (1742 ft) away or more—further than any point of study conducted and far out of even the “barely perceptible” range of the facility.

Sound Study One-Pager  |  Complete Sound Study



Compared to a thriving department store, Topgolf at Oxmoor Center will generate 1,194 fewer trips throughout the day, and 156 fewer trips during the peak P.M. hours—the specific hours for which neighbors raised concerns. Topgolf at Oxmoor Center will generate less traffic than a department store.


Additional data:

  • The study finds that 75% of the traffic will approach Oxmoor Center from the west (264 or Shelbyville Rd. headed eastbound), 22% from the east (Shelbyville Rd. headed westbound) and 3% from the south (Oxmoor Woods or S. Lyndon Lane).

  • The entrance to the Watterson Expressway is approximately 0.75 miles from the Topgolf entrance. The entrance to 64 E/W at Hurstbourne Parkway is between 2.7 to 3.5 miles depending on the route taken.

In May 2018, Louisville-based Dianne B. Zimmerman Traffic Engineering LLC conducted a traffic study to analyze whether adding Topgolf to Oxmoor Center would impact traffic on Shelbyville road.


Traffic Study One-Pager  |  Complete Final Study