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Frequently asked questions

Will Topgolf be loud?

Topgolf is committed to providing our guests with a good time, but not at the expense of our community. Topgolf and Oxmoor Center worked together to adjust the layout of the proposed redevelopment to move the structure containing the hitting bays to the north and west towards the highway. As a result of the adjustment, the nearest houses are more than a quarter of a mile away—across a four-lane road, several soccer fields, and behind a heavy tree line, in a different city (Hurstbourne) from the shopping center (Louisville). More than 90 percent of Hurstbourne residents are a 1/2 mile away or more from the planned facility. Oxmoor Center and Topgolf are working with an acoustical/sound consultant to understand and contain sound within the facility.

Will Topgolf be bright?

In response to concerns from neighbors, our engineers developed a completely new lighting scheme for Topgolf Oxmoor Center. Instead of outward-facing, halogen-powered, “stadium-style” lighting that people may be familiar with from other facilities, Topgolf Oxmoor Center will utilize downward-facing LED installations built inside, instead of on top of the facility. In order to affirmatively determine whether the proposed lighting design impacts the overall lighting in the area, Topgolf and Oxmoor Center retained a Louisville-based lighting consultant to study and compare existing lighting with the effects, if any, caused from the proposed design.

Will Topgolf increase traffic?

Oxmoor Center and Topgolf worked with a local, well-respected traffic engineer to conduct a traffic study to compare how Topgolf would impact traffic flow. According to initial findings—a facility of Topgolf’s size would attract less traffic during peak times than a retail tenant. As a response to concerns from our neighbors, Oxmoor Center, Topgolf, and their consultants are exploring the feasibility of certain additional changes that could further discourage Oxmoor Center guests from taking the slower and less-efficient route through the Hurstbourne neighborhood. The orientation of the Topgolf facility itself will also discourage cut-through traffic. For nearly everyone but Hurstbourne residents, the quickest, most efficient route to and from the eventual Topgolf facility will be exiting from the Watterson Expressway onto Shelbyville road.

Will Topgolf improve our community?

Yes! Topgolf has a strong track record on safety, training staff and management to ensure Topgolf patrons enjoy themselves responsibly. Oxmoor Center has long worked closely with public safety services to ensure the shopping center is a safe, family-friendly experience for all. Nothing about this development will change that. At other Topgolf locations around the country, Topgolf has addressed community issues as they’ve come up and worked with neighbors and local officials to make sure they are good stewards for the community. This remains true of the planned Topgolf at Oxmoor Center as well. For more information on how Topgolf gives back to its neighbors, see our page on our local involvement.

Will Topgolf change Hurstbourne’s character?

No. Topgolf at Oxmoor Center is not located in the City of Hurstbourne and locating at Oxmoor Center is consistent with the regional, commerical district experiences along Shelbyville Road. While some have raised concerns about the height of the outfield poles and netting, the vast majority of Hurstbourne residents will not be able to see them thanks to a combination of distance (90 percent of homes are a ½ mile away or more) and heavy tree cover throughout the city. The nets are 95% transparent and the poles’ paint color is selected to blend into the environment, not stand out. Since 1982, a similar sized structure (158 ft) has been located inside the City of Hurstbourne without being a nuisance. Unlike Topgolf netting, that building is not 95 percent transparent and was not designed to blend into the background like Topgolf’s outfield poles. The entire Oxmoor Center and Bullitt Farm sites are already zoned for multi-story buildings that are similar in height of the outfield poles and netting. Furthermore, comparisons to Kaden Tower or the Statue of Liberty are simply not accurate. Kaden Tower rises to almost 200 feet, approximately 15 percent taller than the proposed design. The Statue of Liberty stands at over 300 feet, a figure closer to double the height of the poles than their actual height. Importantly, both structures—unlike the Topgolf outfield—were specifically designed to be seen.